Corporate Social Responsibility

Supporting the local community

SCHNEIDER GROUP has a strong Corporate Social Responsibility. We do not only advise international companies on business set up and development in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and Germany but also supports social organizations thus participating in the development of the country. Our employees are ready to participate in such activity.

Our company is not only interested in improvement of the business situation in the CIS countries, Ukraine, Poland and Germany – we also consider social help our duty.


The Malteser Humanitarian Aid. The aim of this organization’s activity is to help those Moscow inhabitants who are in need and socially insecure. Malteser acts with the support of the Moscow government. It helps many state and non-state institutions: hospitals, homes for elderly people, orphan homes and other non-commercial organizations. We have taken the decision to take part in this activity thanks largely to the enthusiasm of the leaders of Malteser in Moscow.

You can find more detailed information about the activity of the Malteser in Moscow here:

The “Foundation of Russian Economy” (Фонд Русской Экономики) – is an independent charity project focused on the development of entrepreneurial thinking among young people. The foundation’s mission is to find the best Russian students and young people with a maximum of entrepreneurial potential and leadership qualities, as well as to help them on the difficult path of building their own business development and corporate career. SCHNEIDER GROUP supports the Foundation of Russian Economy since its inception.

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SCHNEIDER GROUP visits orphanage in Russia

Supporting the Orphanage in Kalyazin, Tver region. Since 2014, SCHNEIDER GROUP has been helping children from an orphanage in Kalyazin, Tver region. About 40 children aged 4 to 18 benefit from this support. SCHNEIDER GROUP staff members not only collect clothes, toys and sports equipment for the children, but also visit them regularly. During these visits they spend quality time with them, entertain the younger children and lead engaging conversations.