Armenia is a state in the North-Eastern part of the Armenian highlands, bordering Azerbaijan in the East, Turkey in the West, Iran in the South and Georgia in the North.

The population is about 3 million people with the capital is Yerevan. The official language is Armenian and the currency is the Armenian dram.

Armenia is an industrial and agricultural country. The Armenian economy gives priority to small-scale agricultural production. The leading industries are engineering and metalworking, chemical and petrochemical, non-ferrous metallurgy, production of building materials food and light industry.

The economy is divided into five economic regions, which differ in natural and economic-geographical conditions and production specialization.

In foreign trade, exports are inferior to imports. The main export items are processed diamonds, machinery, and equipment, copper ore. The country imports the bulk of gas, oil, food, etc. Main export partners are Belgium, Russia, Iran, Turkmenistan, the USA, Georgia, while the main import partners are Russia, the USA, the UK, Iran, Turkey and Belgium.

Armenia is a country steeped in mystery and tradition. Boasting a rich and colorful history, the southern Caucasus country is undergoing rapid development. In 2017, GDP growth way outperformed expectations, up 7.5% versus a relatively fl at 2016.

Armenia is the most economically liberal member of the Eurasian Economic Union. With the country coming 44th (from 180 countries) in the ‘economic freedom’ ranking conducted by The Heritage Foundation, Armenia is the perfect gateway country to the EAEU.

SCHNEIDER GROUP has recently opened an office in Yerevan, Armenia. If you’re interested in doing business in Armenia, look no further than our experts who have decades of experience in helping companies expand eastward.

Services we offer in Armenia

Market Entry Services

SCHNEIDER GROUP supports you with entering a new market within just a few days and without the hassle of company registration via our office-in-office solution.

  • Market Analysis
  • Distributor search
  • Recruiting services
  • Outstaffing
  • Office in office solutions
  • Fully equipped working desks with full office infrastructure
  • Import handling

ERP systems & Accounting automation

SCHNEIDER GROUP supports you with setting up the right ERP system for your needs.

  • Upgrade 1C accounting to a full ERP System
  • SAP implementation
  • Transparency in Accounting
  • Automation of Accounting
  • Controlling of Accounting

Interim Management

SCHNEIDER GROUP provides Interim General Director Services for your subsidiary in Armenia:

  • We take over the function of the General Director and make sure all administrative obligations are met
  • CFO Function
  • Controlling Function

Localization of production

SCHNEIDER GROUP provides you with overall support in all questions concerning the search for the right partnerships and construction of production in Armenia

  • Compare industrial zones
  • Cooperation with state authorities
  • Search construction and project management firms

Accounting and tax compliance

Market representative

Contact person for Armenia
Felix Paytyan
Head of Yerevan Office
+374 / 60 / 50 / 66 / 05
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