Belarus in 5 days: What a businessman can do

Belarus recently introduced a 5-day-visa-free entry for European citizens. Our video shows, how you as a foreign businessman can make the most of these 5 days for a Market Entry FAST TRACK for your business to Belarus.

Day 1: Meet potential business partners in Belarus
Day 2: Interview pre-selected candidates in Belarus
Day 3: Employ candidates with SCHNEIDER GROUP
Day 4: Cultural program, e.g. Mir Castle
Day 5: Rent office space in Minsk, Belarus from SCHNEIDER GROUP

Belarus is a European country located in the heart of Europe at the crossroads of trade routes from the West to the East, covering a total of 207,600 sq. km. It borders on Baltic States to the north, Ukraine – to the south, Russia – to the east and Poland – to the west. Minsk – the capital of the country is located on the same latitude as well-known cities like Hamburg and Dublin and is only two time zones ahead of London. The living, dwelling costs, the costs of education and various cultural events are lower than in the majority of Western and Eastern European countries. The advantageous economic and geographical location, developed transportation, logistics and manufacturing system of the country is accompanied by its membership in Eurasian Economic Union of Belarus, Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan (EEU), that creates unique opportunities for the companies willing to develop business relationships in the Eurasian region.

Belarus strives to create open and favourable conditions for business and is currently working to further enlarge the economic efficiency and developing beneficial cooperation with strategic investors, having already selected the approaches for step-by-step privatization and elaborated a number of market entry and localization related incentives. IT outsourcing & software development, green & renewable energy, transportation and logistics, machinery & equipment, infrastructure, agriculture & food production are the priority sectors for placement investments and localization. Today the country is the leader in legislation improvement that is confirmed by the World Bank’s surveys.

All of the above-mentioned aspects are likely to be definitely considered by the investors as a basis for putting Belarus on the map for further business expansion.

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Management team in Belarus

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Associate Director, Minsk
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Head of Tax Department, Minsk
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Senior Project Manager
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