E-commerce market in Russia

In 2016 the volume of e-commerce sales in Russia amounted to EUR 14.7 billion. Russian e-commerce market is still rather small comparing to those of Western countries. However, it is growing very fast (its average growth during the last five years amounts to 28%) and is located close to China. Fast extension, even in remote regions, of mobile internet coverage, along with the growing number of smartphone and tablet users, spurs the rapid development of e-commerce sector.  Young people from big cities are the most active online buyers.

Only a few years ago the e-commerce sector was growing thanks to fashion brands and sales through catalogues. Now, however, the leading position belongs to consumer packaged goods. On the other hand, the development of sales of CPG outside big cities depends very much on the state of the infrastructure, which improves rather slowly in Russia. As Russian e-commerce market is very attractive at the moment, many foreign companies have started including Russia into the list of their delivery destinations. Even so, it is important to take into account the latest changes of Russian legislation, which now gives a number of advantages to those investors who localize their e-commerce and delivery centers in Russia.

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