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Automotive industry in Russia

Nowadays the automotive industry in Eastern Europe is developing dynamically, although it differs from one country to another.

The crisis in Russia seems to be eliminated, because after the recent low selling years, the latest developments in the automotive industry in Russia are very positive:

  • In June 2017 sale of new cars increased by 15%
  • In the first half of the 2017 over 700,000 vehicles were sold
  • In May 2017 the Russian truck market grew by 69% and the light truck market – by 19%
  • The import substitution program of the Russian Government moves the local production of the automotive sector ahead
  • Mercedes Benz lays the groundwork for further automobile production in Russia
  • Volkswagen plans to export 27 000 vehicles to Russia
  • Foreign automakers increase their exports of car components and thus benefit from the weak ruble
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