IFRS Competence Centre

The International Financal Reporting Standards (IFRS) became a generally accepted language of accountants and analysts worldwide. Stock exchanges either require or accept financial statements prepared in accordance with IFRS. Emerging Markets enforce IFRS as their statutory accounting standards (e.g. Ukraine, Kazakhstan). Management to headquarters is often based on IFRS.

SCHNEIDER GROUP accumulated huge knowledge in applying IFRS and makes it now available in the IFRS Competence Centre. The head of the IFRS Competence Centre, Mathias Weber, St. Petersburg, has more than 15 years experience in applying IFRS. A team of strong experts in Almaty, Kyiv, Minsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Warsaw is prepared to share their knowledge and experience.

SCHNEIDER GROUP’s IFRS Competence Centre will help you in preparing IFRS based reports, find the right IFRS IT-solutions and support you in solving complex IFRS accounting matters. We particularly focus on the following areas:

Preparation of IFRS financial information

  • Statutory IFRS Financial Statements
  • IFRS Reporting to Headquarter
  • Consolidated IFRS Financial Statements

IFRS IT-Solutions

  • Implementation of IFRS module
  • Development of IT solutions for certain complex IT issues

Expert opinions on complex IFRS issues

  • Support of Management
  • Discussion with third parties

Support during audits

  • Preparation of the audit
  • Support in discussions with the auditor
  • Challenging audit results

Statutory and IFRS accounting policy

  • Chart of accounts
  • IT-solutiuon
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Dr. Mathias Weber
Director-Partner, CPA, St. Petersburg
+7 (812) 458 58 00